Title: Mommy

When I became pregnant, I was working full-time at a job where I had a director-level title, received senior-level pay, was a supervisor to seven, and a Mother-To-Be.  Having my first child rocked my world.  I never knew how much of my identity was wrapped up in my title at work, until God stripped me of it all and called me to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom.

God had to take the first year of my son’s life to show me my worth as a mom.  That year in our family’s Christmas letter I wrote these words, “Coming from the corporate world, the title of Mom does not get you into to many “fine dining” or “elite crowd” experiences. But for me, I’ve learned that bringing home a paycheck or having a title before my name doesn’t increase my being pleasing to God.  I have just as many opportunities to please Him within the four walls of my family room as I would in a corner office.  Tying little shoes, reading picture books, and making hotdogs grants me just as much potential to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant,” as I would have if I performed brain surgery.  The significance to all of this work at home is that it gives me the opportunity to serve my family and pursue a life of great value before the Lord.  As I cast off the burdens of being ranked among the most accomplished and pursue His approval instead, I see the road that lies before me – and it leads me home.

– Brittany Bruns

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