Wee-Hours-of-the-Morning Prayer

It occurred to me yesterday morning as I was celebrating my 3-month-old sleeping through the night that…I was sad.  I missed and longed for our time together in the middle of the night.  Strange, huh?  In this newborn fog surrounding me I would miss having interrupted sleep!  I started treasuring that middle of the night feedings with my first son and yet again with my second.  Why, you ask?  The story begins with a shower gift.  A dear friend of mine gave me a book called, “While They Were Sleeping – 12 Character Traits for Moms to Pray”.  I thought it was a sweet gesture, but didn’t really get the full meaning of the gift as I was focused on more practical things like diapers, boppy pillows, and burp cloths.   I set it aside with a smile and a thank you note.

Soon, my first son, Will, arrived.  One night I woke up while feeding him and realized that I had NO IDEA what had happened in the last 30 minutes!  I started to pray that God would help me get through the nights, awake!  That is when He answered my prayer.

God recalled that book to my fuzzy brain.  I got it out and started to utilize those middle-of-the-night times to pray over my son.  Not only did this keep me awake, but also the by-product was a special bond in the dark, still, quiet of the room between my son and me.  I started to expand my prayers.  Not only did I pray for specific characteristics (humility, teachability, forgiveness, obedience, discernment, purity, responsibility, courage, servanthood and contentment), but also I prayed for his marriage and future bride.

I love sleep, but nothing is better than cradling your baby and praying over him.  I just might have to start setting an alarm!  Don’t they say sleep is overrated?

– Brittany Bruns


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