C-Section babies and their emotional Moms

Taking care of a newborn is tough.  Add recovering from major abdominal surgery, and it’s the biggest double-whammy of your life.

I’m not one who has experienced many failed expectations in life.  I’ve not been naive about life’s struggles, but I have been spared many trials.  So when I had a textbook conception and pregnancy, I assumed that my baby’s birth would be the same.  Just like many other women, I had dreamed about what this day would, and would not, be like.  And after 12 hours of labor and pushing, hearing the words, “I’m sorry, but you are going to need a c-section,” crushed my already delicate emotional state.

Intertwined with my frail, new mommy-jitters were people that surrounded me with love and encouragement.  However, their encouragement did not give me the opportunity to grieve what felt like a lost opportunity.  I thought, “Shouldn’t I just be happy that I had a healthy and beautiful baby boy?”  But I still couldn’t answer the question, “Why did I have to miss out on my right-of-passage into motherhood?”

After several years of compartmentalizing my emotions and dismissing my “baby blues,” I was offered some advice:  to give myself permission to grieve my birthing process.  I can now say after many tears and my second c-section birth that my emotional and physical scars have healed.  God has opened my eyes to see that no matter how a child is conceived, developed, or delivered – it is all about a work that is greater than myself or my expectations.


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