A Little Chub, Please!

 I have a slight – what shall I call it? Fascination?  Yep, that’ll work.  I have a slight fascination with chub.  (And I am not referring to that lovely excess left after birthing two babies.)  I love those little rolls that dribble down baby’s soft legs.  You know the kind.  The rolls you wanna squeeze because they are so darn cute and pudgy.  Every time I see a friend’s baby with roly-poly thighs I get giggly.  No kidding.  My nephew is a mini version of the Sta-Puff Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.  Too cute to resist a little squeeze!


Well, I’ve had two little squirts of my own.  And have either of them shown even a hint of squeezable chub?  Nada.  Zip.  Both of my children have had a “wrinkle” at the top of their legs.  That’s it.  A wrinkle.  No fair!  Some of my friends have joked that they make cream.  Based on the lack-of-chub history with my kids, I must make skim! 


So now I’m awaiting the arrival of baby number three.  I am still holding out for this squirmy little one to have some squishy-ness!  Bring on the rolls!!

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