Coping with the “Sour Hours” Alone

My husband Dave travels for business during the week frequently.   While it’s nice to have a break from cooking a full dinner every night, sometimes it gets pretty lonely around here during the week. This has always been a struggle for me, especially during the 4-7 pm “sour hours” when we are usually getting ready for daddy to come home, eat dinner, talk about our day, play and help with bedtime.

So here are my tips for filling the time and getting through the evening with sanity:

Get out of the house right after nap.  We have most recently gone to the zoo, the mall, and various parks. Most venues are less crowded from 3-6pm. During the summer we head to the pool at this time and don’t even need heavy sunscreen.  We also will run errands and grocery shop just to get out of here and break up the evening.

Eat dinner out. Most of the time this is something simple like Taco Bell or Wendy’s and sometimes we take it to the park for a picnic. This means I don’t have a mess to clean up at home either.

Do something special. We’ve had a dinner picnic on a blanket in the living room, an ice cream outing, gone on a long walk, and had movie night. Sometimes an extra long bath with lots of playtime is in order.  Just because Daddy is not home doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun time without him.

Have a buddy. I have several friends who also have husbands that travel and sometimes we go to dinner together when our husbands are gone, or at least touch base and give each other support during the week. It’s nice to have someone who can understand the isolation of being a temporary single parent.

I’m so glad my husband is not deployed for months at a time, in a foreign country or gone M-F every week. All of the travel does make me appreciate him more the evenings he is home with us. And most of all, we are thankful he is working hard for us at a job he enjoys.

– Christina Stewart


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