Halloween Safety

We can all admit it. On Halloween, we want treats, and not tricks. There are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your child has a safe Halloween that is full of treats. Just remember not to eat the candy too quickly!

Tips and Reminders for your kids:

Carry a flashlight
Walk, don’t run
Parents need to check your child’s candy prior to eating
Stay on Sidewalks
Obey traffic signals
Stay in familiar neighborhoods
Don’t cut across yards or driveways.
Wear a watch you can read in the dark.
Make sure costumes don’t drag on the ground.
Shoes should fit (even if they don’t go with your costume)
Avoid wearing masks while walking from house to house.
Carry only flexible knives, swords or other props.
(If no sidewalk) walk on the left side of the road facing traffic
Wear clothing with reflective markings or tape.
Approach only houses that are lit.
Stay away from and don’t pet animals you don’t know.

Fun Alternatives:
Find a special event or start one in your own neighborhood.
Community Centers, Shopping Malls and Houses of Worship may have organized festivities.
Share the fun by arranging a visit to a Retirement Home or Senior Center.
Create an alliance with College Fraternities, Sororities or Service Clubs for children’s face painting or a carnival.



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