A Mom in Need

This is from a member at our church.  We felt many of you would love the opportunity to serve this woman and her family. 

My friend just called to tell me that her friend knows of a single mom named Tonya who was in an apartment fire very recently and lost everything.  She has 3 boys ages 1, 4 and 10. They lost EVERYTHING and have been moved into another apartment within the complex.  I am willing to coordinate all of the collection and delivering to her.  The boys sizes are 3t, 6, and XL or adult small for the 12 year old. I would suggest toys, gift cards, clothes or used household stuff in good working condition. As of today they are sleeping on the floor. 


People can drop stuff by my house between now and next Wednesday, or if it is something large, a friend has a truck and can pick it up. Or if someone wants to donate anything, they could bring it with them to church (Moms Together) and I could have a collection bin there.



Amy Dillbeck



1220 Limerick Lane

Franklin, TN 37067

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