Next Week’s Meeting – Reminders

We are really excited about Miss Pattycake coming this month. She is going to speak to us during our meeting time as Jean on the fruit of Goodness. Then transform following the meeting into Miss Pattycake for a FREE show for our kids!
Don’t forget to bring:
**Lunches for you and your children (without any nut products!)
**Enclosed drinks (i.e. sippy cups to eliminate spills in the Learning Center) No juice boxes please!
**Blankets for you to picnic in the Learning Center
**Your camera to capture some fun pictures
**Some money to pick up some of Miss Pattycakes great videos (her products will be sold at our meeting and after the show)

Other reminders:
**After our meeting is finished, please help us by cleaning any trash off your tables (someone will come get centerpieces) and then quickly pick up your children if you are not purchasing any products in the back of the room. The show will start at noon.
**Please bring your grocery store (Kroger, Publix, Harris Teeter, Aldi, etc.) receipts from the week to our Feb. meeting…stay tuned for what we will do with them


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