A Great Loss and Need

Dear women of Moms Together-

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write to let you know that one of our moms just lost her 9-day old baby girl. Sarah Stout, who is at my table (Courtney Greene is our discussion group leader), gave birth to her daughter Sadie Isabella on March 26th. This past Saturday, Sarah and her husband Craig noticed that Sadie seemed to be having trouble breathing and called an ambulance. Sadie was eventually life-flighted to Vanderbilt where the staff worked for 2 hours to save her life. They could not. It was discovered later that Sadie had a congenital heart defect and her heart was not strong enough to sustain her life any longer than it did.

As mothers, we can only imagine the heartache of empty arms that Sarah and Craig are experiencing. And, as an important part of Sarah’s support system, we want to do something to bless her.

Here are some ways we thought of:

Pray for Craig and Sarah as they grieve this tragic loss.

Write a note or card to Sarah. You can give it to Courtney Greene at Moms Together next week.

Attend the visitation tonight (6-8pm Wednesday in the main worship center at Fellowship) and/or funeral tomorrow (1pm Thursday in the main worship center at Fellowship)

Donate money towards a housecleaning and/or massage for Sarah. You can give a check or cash to Courtney. Or you could give Sarah a certificate towards some other pampering item that you have access to.

Bring a meal to their family. Contact: Teresa Greene- Email address: teresa.greene1@comcast.net. The Stout’s have 2 other children- Ryan (4) and Sophie (2). Ryan is on a gluten-free diet.

Because we are moms together and sisters in Christ,

Heidi Petak


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