Savoring the Sweetness

Savoring the Sweetness

When I was 24 years old, my baby was laid into my arms. Enduring 45 pounds of weight gain, a cross country move which took me far from my home and family, and 36 hours of labor was only the beginning of the grand adventure God had in store for me. That little boy gave me a new name, “Mommy,” a new love that I’d never experienced before, and a myriad of new responsibilities to nurture and raise this helpless baby.

Fast forward to just last month. I sat in a packed auditorium and watched my baby walk across a stage and receive his high school diploma. I’d always heard how fast the time goes, but I never believed it in the midst of the exhausting day-to-day. Well, whether I believe it or not, my boy has only a few short weeks left in our home before he leaves to launch his own adult dreams.

Long gone is the promising 24 year old college graduate that I was. All that remains is a tired, slightly overweight 43 year old. Do I regret the hours I sat on the couch teaching him to read? Or the number of times I wiped a runny nose, stepped on a Lego with my bare feet (ouch!), or scraped a gluey Cheerio from the kitchen floor? Absolutely not! Not for youth, a thin body, or a successful corporate career. I would never trade the privilege of raising him, or any of the heartache and joys that we’ve lived together!

Words of wisdom from a mom who’s beginning to launch her little flock? Don’t expect parenting to get any easier, because teenagers are every bit as exhausting as babies! Don’t make excuses about being too busy for the Lord in “this season” because it’s always and forever a battle to make Him a priority when you’re a mom, no matter what age your kids are, but one worth fighting for. Re-evaluate your plan regularly for building into your kids (spiritual growth, work ethic, character development, life skills, emotional intelligence, etc.) and be creative! Be intentional about making memories and savor every sweet moment with your kids. And pray, pray, pray for your kids. Only God is the perfect parent, and can transform their hearts.

Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.

I pray you are having a sweet summer of savoring,

 Anna Clagett

Associate Director of Fellowship Women

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