Moms Needed for Focus Group

This is from Moms Together mom, Mandy Scrove. 

Big Idea is conducting a focus group next week and is looking for participants — who are moms!.

Would you mind forwarding to any “mom” friends you may know in the Nashville area — if they fit the criteria listed below and are NOT in the “industry”?

Screening Criteria:

Must be a Mom with a child or children aged 3-7

Age: Older than 21

Must have purchased a VeggieTales DVD in the past year

Must have high speed internet and check internet more than once a week

Must have NOT participated in a focus group in the last 6 months

Household income should be more than US average of $35,000

If you know someone who is interested please have them call 20/20 Research, Inc directly at 615-732-7770 ext 550.

We are looking for Evangelical, Christian moms with kid (s) aged 3-7–I have listed some other criteria below too that may help with the search. Each person will need to go through the screening process directly with 20/20 — only takes a few minutes.

If selected to participate in the study they will receive a $75 incentive for their time.

There will be no childcare provided and children are not allowed in the room during the study.

The study will be conducted on Wednesday, July 1. If selected they will be assigned to one of the following groups:

Group 1 – 9:00 AM (kids ages 3-4)

Group 2 – 1:00 PM (kids ages 5-7)

Each session will last appx 2 hours.

All other information will be given by 20/20 once the selection is made.

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