Come Find Us!

I’ve heard the phrase more times than I can count. My daughter has been saying it for over two years. It started as a routine when her daddy came home from work. Play time on our bed followed by hiding under the covers. It was a given that clearing dinner dishes would be interrupted by a tiny voice imploring Mommy to “Come fin’ us!” As always, I’d play along and call out for her. “Where could you be?!!” Immediately, little legs danced under the covers as my baby girl tried to contain her excitement. Inevitably, I would rip back the piles of covers and feign my surprise at finding her. Within a minute, she’d pull the khaki duvet right back over her head and call for me before I’d ever left the room.

“Come find usss!!!” she calls again.

As a sigh of exasperation began its exit from my chest, my husband speaks. “In a few years, that’s gonna be something we’ll always remember.” Exasperation was arrested by realization. The realization that he was right. Soon, the game that kept me from my tasks and irritated me at times would be a memory. In a moment, my chest felt the weight of reality sink deeply.

“Come find us.”

I wouldn’t hear that forever. In a few short years, I might not hear it at all. That’s when my thoughts turned to perspective on the simple, child-spoken phrase.

“Come find us” is a calling on my life as a mother. To parent well – to parent with intentionality – I must never stop looking for my children. And neither should you. As parents, it is our job to find our children and meet them where they are. “Come find us” takes on a whole new meaning when looked at from a different angle.

The privilege of looking for our children when they need to be found is meant to belong to no one but their parents (caregivers). If in our exasperation or distraction we neglect to seek after them – after their hearts and identities – one day they may very well quit calling out. Part of truly knowing the little people we call our own is seeking them out. This requires patience and wisdom. Patience is required because there are times when we will look over and over for the hearts of our children and believe that we’re missing it. Wisdom is needed for those moments when the voice of a toddler cannot be heard yet the heart is begging to be seen.

We must look for them when they’ve called, and when they seem to be silent. Hearts and identities are waiting to be discovered every day. A place within our children is meant to be found by me and you.

I will be honest. I am not the best seeker. I get distracted. I get busy. I get annoyed. I get run over by my agenda. And at times, I know my kids have probably been lost… waiting for far too long on Mommy to come and find them. It is both a challenge and struggle for me to purposefully and diligently search for the inner-workings of my babies. Many times I don’t want to stop what I am doing in order to look for a heart that needs finding. Often, I am oblivious to the tiny beat in their chest pleading for me to take notice of the rhythm it has just found.

My arms are heavy as I attempt to guide my pen in expressing another realization. It is my honor to be invited to discover every new rhythm of my childrens’ hearts. Today they invite me. They ignore my flaws and invite me to join in their self-discovery and quests for identity. Today I am honored. The question is will I run after them and accept their invitations?

Will you accept the invitation of your child’s heart?

Come find us. Go. Find them.

By Shelby Rawson

1 Comment

  1. kate blocher said,

    July 4, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Tugs at my heart and tears every time you write 🙂

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