Turn Coins into Lasting Change…

We have a very special opportunity to make a difference during our time together tomorrow.

Hope Clinic for Women has been in Nashville for 26 years providing education, medical care, practical support and professional counseling. Their core program is helping women in unplanned pregnancies; they provide everything from pregnancy tests to women’s first ultrasound, prenatal vitamins, a mentor/exchange program called BRIDGE, professional counseling for her, the father of the baby and her parents if they are involved. And all their pregnancy services are provided for free. On top of all that, Hope Clinic also offers prevention and counseling services.

They balance over 400 new pregnant clients a year, over 1,000 medical clients and now nearly 100 counseling clients. They don’t receive any state or federal funding and 95% of their $750,000 budget is covered by over 1,000 individuals, businesses, churches and local foundations. What makes Hope Clinic special is that they offer a safe and confidential place in a home like atmosphere and provide services with lots of grace and mercy. And now we have a tangible way to help them!

Through the Baby Bottle Campaign, the Hope Clinic provides a baby bottle with a name of one of their clients’ babies for each person or family to pray for as they collect change, dollars or a check to put in their bottle. Although this may not seem like a lot, a small church can collect as much as $500 in a single baby bottle campaign. A little change can make a big difference!   So clean out your purses, couches and cars tonight and bring all your spare change to fill up your table’s baby bottle tomorrow at Moms Together to benefit the Hope Clinic. And why not pray with your family tonight about donating more than just those spare coins? Here is just one example of a life that was changed as a result of the Hope Clinic:

Unplanned Pregnancy

When I first suspected I was pregnant, I was filled with turbulent emotions. I knew I could not afford expensive medical bills. When I found Hope Clinic and heard they offered free ultrasounds, I immediately made an appointment. I was surprised at how homey and blessed the place felt and even more surprised when I got to meet Sissy, a volunteer at Hope Clinic, who told me she would be my counselor from that point forward. This was more than I could ever expect. I was so happy and finally felt I was not alone.

Throughout my pregnancy, Hope Clinic watched out for me. They made me feel like I was special and deserving at a time when I felt alone and neglected. When my little girl was born Hope Clinic blessed my child and presented her with a new baby gift. When I got home, I cried because God was looking out for my baby and putting people in our lives that would bless her.

To this day, Hope Clinic blesses me. There were so many things she needed: bottles, diapers, clothes, diaper bag and so much more. The BRIDGE Program* allows me to earn points for the things I need. The program also bridges spiritual and emotional needs. I can take classes, which educate me and are helping my days be brighter and more fulfilling.

I do not know what I would have done or where I would be now if Hope Clinic was not in my life. They are working hard to help women. I know when I am back on my feet I will be doing whatever I can to help promote and protect Hope Clinic because this place means so much to me.

Now my daughter is four and a half months old and I know there are people out there who love us, and value our lives and our future. May God continue to bless this wonderful place! I hope my story moves you to give freely to this wonderful place. Your help will be used in a manner you can actually see and you will walk away fulfilled.

*BRIDGE is a client/mentor program providing educational classes in exchange for material support

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