Living Well

This fall we returned to Florida to conduct some workshops and were privileged enough to share one at the church of some close friends. Afterwards, we all decided to continue our time together at a local bakery. Because the fall weather and the company were both so lovely, we made another impromptu decision to further extend our fun together and visit a local pumpkin patch. Upon learning of the news, our friends’ seven year old daughter exclaimed, “This is the best day of my life!”

When you have small children, you’re constantly amazed at how delighted they can become over the smallest things. As soon as I heard Briley’s comment, I thought to myself, “Truly, we should strive to make every day the best day of our lives!”

And why not? If we’re constantly learning and sharing, then it’s not unreasonable to look at each and every day as a gift that can improve upon the day before.

I once heard that there are really only two important questions in life:
1. Are you living?
2. Will you live forever?

I would venture to say that many of us are simply existing instead of truly living. We think, “If I can just make it through_______________ (fill in the blank for yourself)….then I’ll be ok.”
The problem is that we’re not guaranteed anything past today!

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” – Matthew 6:34

As a blogger and writer by both profession and passion, I often find myself working on my computer late into the night (with two small children, it’s really the only time I can coherently collect my thoughts!). However, fatigue inevitable sets in, even when I haven’t accomplished all I originally set out to do. So, more often than not, I’ll leave my computer on with multiple windows open, fully expecting to come back the next day exactly where I’ve left off.

But anyone who’s ever worked on a computer knows that if you leave too many windows open for too long, your computer will eventually freeze up and crash. Our lives are much the same. When we get caught up in what’s to come, we fail to see what’s directly in front of us. When that happens, we neither live well nor finish well.

One of my favorite movie lines come from Professor Harold Hill in the classic musical, The Music Man, “If you pile up enough tomorrows, you will find you’ve collected nothing but a bunch of empty yesterdays.”

Where do you find yourself today? Sitting amidst a lot of unfinished business or living well? If you know where you will live forever, there should be a noticeable impact on your life today.

– Sami Cone


1 Comment

  1. Cheri Varner said,

    December 16, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Bravo Sami! Exactly what we need to hear in this busy season. We really need to focus on the moment instead of all the busyness that steals the joy from our celebration of our Savior’s Birth. Merry Christmas to all of my girls. You are all treasured blessings in my life! Love,Cheri

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