See you Wednesday!

Happy New Year, Ladies!

We are so excited for our first meeting of 2010 this Wednesday, January 13! Renee Farkas will be speaking to us on the Need for Instruction and I know it will be just what many of us need to hear.

See you Wednesday!


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  1. Anna Mueller said,

    January 11, 2010 at 10:04 am

    I hope that you are all able to come for this one!! Renee is a tremendous resource. I am now seeing her once a month for spiritual direction. In early December I attended a silent retreat at a monestary in KY, Renee facilitated the retreat. It was a pivotal weekend for me, my relationship with God changed dramatically. One of the things I love about Renee is that she has a close relationship with Jesus and she follows Him. She encourages us as moms to remember that the God of the universe chose you to be the mother of your child, you and no one else. He has uniquely equipped you to mother your child, no one else can do this. It is empowering to realize that God has great confidence in His choice in us as mothers to the children He gave us. My challenge is remembering that my responsibility, the only one I have, is to follow Him. The rest is up to Him——Thank God!!!!

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