The Flood

One of my daughter’s favorite bedtime books is the story of Noah and the flood.  As many times as I’ve personally read the story in Genesis, it took a children’s book to reveal a new truth to me.  Even after the flood ended, Noah had to stay in the boat another year!  And I thought spending three days in my house after Hurricane Jeanne with no electricity alongside ten adults, two dogs, and a newborn was difficult!

Everyone in Florida gets stir-crazy after a hurricane hits, but officials warn everyone not to go outside and enforce mandatory curfews for those that try.  Not only are there power-lines and debris scattered all over the roads, but no-one could find food or gas if they tried.  It’s not until we get the green light from the news that we would venture out in search of supplies

In the same way, Noah had to count the costs before venturing out of the boat.  How tempting it must have been to let everyone and everything loose once the rains stopped, but Noah understood the waters were still too deep by sending birds out to scope the situation for him.  Even after the dove returned with the olive branch indicating dry land, Noah waited to hear from God.  Twelve and a half months after the flood began, the Lord finally told Noah and his contingent it was safe to leave the boat.

Instead of relying on human instinct, Noah waited to hear God’s insight.  We automatically expect sunshine immediately following a storm; few of us recognize the cloudy period in between.  By waiting for the Lord’s prompting and listening for His voice, we can rest assured that we will remain safe and sound.

-Sami Cone


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