Other ways to help with the Front Porch Sale…

Some of you have wondered how you can help with the upcoming sale to help support Front Porch Ministries if you have your kids with you. Here are just a few ideas:

1.)  Partner with another mom that can go at the same time as you.  Work within 30 min. shift swapping watching the kids and helping with the sale.
2.)  Find moms of the community that have kids the same age as yours.  Introduce yourself to her, introduce your kids and watch hers and your kids while she shops.
3.)  Bring your outside play toys.  Gather your kids and the community kids for a game of soccer, football, frisbee, etc.
4.)  Bring a blanket with a tent for shade.  Set your baby on the blanket and a mom’s from the community. Watch and play with them both while she shops.
5.)  For an older child, help them introduce themselves to other kids, have your kid take them to the toy section and help them pick out a toy or several toys to take home.
6.)  Have your kid(s) pick out a toy out of their playroom that they want to donate.  Talk about the importance.  Then the day of, instruct them to find a child that they want to give the toy to.  Have them give the toy and a hug!
7.)  Collect all the plastic bags from your house (or the ones there) and have your two year old help pass them out to the shoppers.

We will also have a sort on Friday, May 14th from 10:00am – 12:00pm where child care is provided.

Do you have any other ideas for ways to include your kids? Please share them below!


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