This week we are adding a new feature to the blog: MOM TO MOM.

MOM TO MOM will give you, our readers, the opportunity to ask and response to questions from fellow moms just like you!

This week’s question:

“My daughter is in elementary school and has a neighbor friend who has had a difficult home life. We love her friend coming to our house, but her friend always tries to lead my daughter into trouble. My daughter’s friend will wait until I leave the room and try and get my daughter to do the things I have specifically told them are not allowed in our house. Right now, they are young, so it is things like standing on the furniture or watching a TV show that isn’t allowed in our home. But, who knows what this could turn into as they get older. We want our daughter to be a good influence on this girl, but we don’t want this girl to lead our daughter astray! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!”

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  1. Anna Clagett said,

    June 1, 2011 at 8:09 am

    How is your daughter responding to her friend’s suggestions? If she is being pulled down, or is becoming increasingly disobedient or deceptive, I would be cautious about letting her spend much time with this friend. On the other hand, if she is solid and consistent in her obedience, and communicating honestly about it with you, the parent, then I would say this is a great growth opportunity for your daughter. She will learn to handle temptation, peer pressure, and how to stand up for her convictions, and to be a positive influence. That said, I would still recommend she work on forming some other rock solid friendships with other kids who will stand with her in her pursuit of godliness.

  2. Shelby Rawson said,

    June 1, 2011 at 10:26 am

    Hmmm… Here are my thoughts. Come up with a list of guidelines/boundaries/rules that you want followed in your home while friends are over. The next time the little girl is at your house, go over the list of those rules in front of both she and your daughter. Tell her why your family has these guidelines and that when one of them is not followed, there are consequences. If she (or your daughter) chooses not to follow those rules, then she cannot play at your house. This way, there are no surprises, she knows what is expected of her and what will happen if she cannot stay within those guidelines. If she wants to continue playing with your daughter, she will probably abide… or you’ll have to keep sending her home. We have made our kids take several days off from playing with the neighbors because of behavior issues. This same stuff would also apply if your daughter was the one making the wrong choices. If it continues to happen… well… I know it seems impossible, but they should probably only play within earshot of you – no closed doors.

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