Robyn McKelvy’s New Book: SOS Sick of Sex

Be sure to order your copy of Robyn's new book!

Robyn McKelvy has written a new book all about intimacy issues called “SOS Sick of Sex” !

“I am so excited to introduce my new book SOS: SICK OF SEX. This book was written because the enemy of Godly marriages has placed in  our lives circumstances that will creep up to hinder our sexual intimacy.

The deceiver knows if he can keep us thinking negatively about our  intimate relationship with our husband then he has us right where he wants us – doubting what is true about our most intimate relationship of all: our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

SOS:SICK OF SEX is filled with humor and reality and gives the reader the opportunity to laugh, cry, pray and not settle, at all, for the enemy’s imitation of intimacy.”

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